World’s Tiniest Periodic Table

periodictablehair 470x262 Worlds Tiniest Periodic Table
Periodic tables always get us all excited. Never mind all those deals for Christmas (well, not really) – what else can you want for the holidays if you have the world’s teeniest periodic table?

Nanoscientists – not your regular-sized scientists – have decided to play around with a strand of human hair and etched the entire period table of elements on it. Impossible? Of course not! Watch the video, which they have created, for proof. (Now you didn’t think that these great minds would have overlooked the evidence, did you?)

What you’ll need:

  • A strand of hair
  • A sophisticated electron ion beam microscope
  • Some experienced nanoscientist

The result: what could very well be the smallest periodic table in the entire world, measuring in at 89.67 microns wide and 46.39 microns tall.

Indeed, this has got to be the bestest birthday present ever.

Via Periodic Videos

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