iPhone Dock from Satarii makes your smartphone a stalker

Satarii Star iPhone Accessory

Two enterprising young gentleman operating under the moniker, Satarii, have taken iPhone accessory innovation to a “moving” new level.

For over a year the duo have developed a new product, the Satarii Star, an iPhone dock which follows one’s every move.  By wearing a tracking device, the Satarii’s rotary base follows the individual’s movements in a given location.

More specifically, the device is an action-tracking dock station for their iPhone and its camera.   Using an iPhone and the dock’s tripod mounting system, the remote sensor, which can be attached to any moving object, tracks movements up to 8 meters (26 feet).  The dock rotates up to 180 degrees to capture any and all of the sensor wearer’s movements when in use.

Currently the Satarii Star project is attempting to raise funds on the site IndieGoGo, trying to woo as many individuals as possible willing to pony up some disposable income to get the Satarii Star project from prototype to mass production.

With 39 days left in their funding campaign, Satarii has raised $12,040 of their $20,000 goal.  As if getting the Satarii Star into the hands of consumers wasn’t enough, those who contribute certain amounts to the project can receive some pretty neat things, including the opportunity to get their hands on the Satarii Star itself.

Video of the Satarii Star in action is below.  What do you think of the Satarii Star?  Would you contribute to its creation and/or purchase one if it became available?  What practical uses do you see for the device?

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