Symphony of Science: Learning Science Via Music

a glorious dawn

Everything in the universe is intertwined – from science to literature to music. For those of us with a lot of imagination and a dash of inspiration, it is a simple matter to combine different elements together to come up with something quite unique.

This is exactly what John Boswell and company have done. With their project Symphony of Science, they aim to share scientific knowledge and philosophy using music. It’s simple but it’s brilliant!

Now who would have thought that you would see and hear Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan (among others) give mini lectures through song? Don’t believe it’s possible? Watch the video for yourself.

There are many videos in the Symphony of Science series, each focusing on a specific scientific principle. I also like this video with Sir David Attenborough. I have to admit it is kind of weird hearing his voice in this form, but I still think the video is pretty cool.

Wow factor aside, I can already see how these videos can be used to catch the attention of people who may have an aversion to scientific lectures. While the videos probably can’t hours and hours of reading and lectures, they can provide a good start. Yes, that’s the teacher in me speaking.

If you like those two videos, there is more where that came from – the Symphony of Science web site. ((Source: Symphony of Science)) Can you think of a better way to pass time on a slow Friday?


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