The Dark Knight Rises Fan-Made Posters

Tom Hardy - Bane

Update: Check this post for the Dark Knight Rises poster.

Last week Robin posted about the villains that are going to be featured in The Dark Knight Rises and who was cast for the roles. Bane starring Tom Hardy and Catwoman starring Anne Hathaway will be The Dark Knight nemesis in the third movie.

I’m not an expert on the whole Batman/Dark Knight franchise, but I believe it is the second time we’ll see the character Bane ((Profile of Bane)) in a movie. Please correct me if I’m wrong. As for Catwoman, Anne Hathaway succeeds numerous actress before her whom have portrayed the role of Catwoman.

According to Sheldon Cooper ((Sheldon Cooper, The Big Bang Theory)) he thinks these actress are the best catwoman, in the following order: Julie Newmar, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether, and then Halle Berry. I wonder how Anne Hathaway will rank on his list.

With the villains and actors announced, I have come across the first cool fan-made poster for each respective villain.



These awesome fan-made posters where created by Geoff Glees. I’m looking forward if he or other artists will come with more posters for the movie. I may not be an expert of the franchise, but I love watching the movies on the big screen.


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