Angry Zombie Birds

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There is no end yet in sight for the Angry Birds popularity. What started as an iPhone app has evolved into a huge brand franchise. Toys, board games, games for all consoles, phones and fan art.

Tomasz Kaczkowski combined Angry Birds with another popular thing, zombies. Tomasz drew some awesome illustrations of the birds and pig as zombie figures. I must seek out a zombie fan to find out what the fascination is about. I just saw the promo for ‘The Walking Dead’ and no way I’ll be watching those late at night.

The Zombie birds are pretty scary for a cartoon illustration, the art work is excellent and worthy of being printed and hanged on the wall of your office.

Angry Zombie Birds

Angry Zombie Birds

Zombie Red Bird

Angry Zombie Birds

Zombie Pig

Angry Zombie Birds

Close Up

Angry Zombie Birds

New levels, fan art and other official products are being launched faster then I can finish the levels. I’m still stuck half away the Halloween edition, not even two games along on the Holiday edition and not to mention the latest release recently. Maybe it’s time I start using the spoiler websites to advance a little.

Check out Tomasz Kaczkowski’s page for more illustrations and a larger resolution of all the birds together.

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