Philadelphia, Rocky statue yes. Detroit, RoboCop statue no.


RoboCop, one of the sweetest films of my generation, will not be honored with a statue by Detroit in the same way as another film, the meh-inducing Rocky, has been by Philadelphia.

Detroit’s Mayor Dave Bing, a former NBA star, not the inspiration for Microsoft’s search engine, has turned to the Internet for ideas on how to revive the Motor City.  Unfortunately in a Tweet from the Mayor on Monday indicates the city has no plans for a RoboCop statue to honor the 1987 blockbuster film based in Detroit.

The Tweet from Mayor Bing resulted in an instant wave of Twitter messages from fans of the movie who hope the Mayor will retract his statement and create a statue destined to be as iconic as that of The Statue of Liberty.

Among the sentiments expressed by Twitter users after the Mayor’s Tweet included the following:

  • “Some people just don’t get it”
  • “If I were mayor of Detroit, my top priority would be a Robocop statue.”

Philadelphia has a statue honoring Rocky, but thanks to Mayor Dave Bing Detroit will not celebrate its connection to the iconic RoboCop any time soon.

What do you think of the Mayor’s decision?  Is a RoboCop statue long overdue or something that should have never been considered in the first place?


  1. Jackie S. says

    I would kill another human being to have a statue of RoboCop in my current city.

    You know what we have here in Milwaukee? The Bronze Fonz.

    Seriously, Detroit, the ONLY thing that would make me even remotely consider visiting you is a statue of RoboCop.


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