The Best iPad 2 Review – Ever!

ipad2 review

If you think that your iPad is the best thing that Apple has ever come up with, think again! The rumor mill is ablaze with talk that the iPad 2 is coming out very very soon; although, as usual, no one can give any conclusive data.

If you are detail kind of guy, then you will love this video I discovered earlier today. Somehow, this guy got his hands on the much awaited Apple iPad 2. Being the sharing person that he is, he decided to share his experiences with the iPad 2. He even made a very comprehensive video, which reviews practically all the features that the new iPad has to offer.

Here’s the best review of the Apple iPad 2 that you will ever see. It’s a little long, but hey, if you want to get the dish, you’ll have to watch the whole thing!

What did I tell you? It can’t get any better than that, can it? As for me, I can’t wait till they actually get the iPad 2 out. It will certainly add some value to my non-existent jogging routine. For some, it will be the perfect upgrade for the drinks coaster that the first iPad already is.

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