Was a Doctor Who MMO Inevitable?


Yup, it’s true. The Time Lord is getting his own massively-multiplayer online game.

Developer Three Rings, a company behind casual games like Puzzle Pirates (for Facebook), Corpse Craft (for iPad), and Bang! Howdy (a casual, browser-based MMO), is producing the game for BBC Worldwide, which will be a free-to-play online world when it launches sometime later this year. Doctor Who: Worlds in Time will let gamers enter the TARDIS and be assigned a challenge by the Doctor to help him fight some of his most infamous enemies.

Worlds in Time is described as allowing players to “travel through time and space, explore new worlds, and encounter many alien races, both friend and foe.” It’s unknown exactly what shape that gameplay will take, but Three Rings promises lots of timed puzzle-solving and social cooperation. More details are expected next week at the Game Developers Conference in San Fransisco.

[Image by Samsonator.]


  1. herpderp says

    Puzzle Pirates isn’t “for Facebook.” It’s its own game, which they happened to enable from Facebook for the convenience of its players long after the initial release.

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