Happy Pi Day 2011!

Pi Day 2011

Pi Day 2011
Happy Pi Day 2011! Today, pi lovers can celebrate this number for the 22nd year in a row. Founded by physicist Larry Shaw more than two decades ago, Pi Day has become known all over the world – both online and offline.

You can do whatever you want to do to make a toast to Pi – including stuffing yourself with your favorite pie. Here are some interesting things related to Pi Day. Last week, Robin shared a video showing us how Pi sounds when made into music. It is a mesmerizing piece of work, so if you haven’t seen it yet, go click that link.

If you are planning on throwing a party – whether tonight or some time later – make sure that you get your hands on these Pi Ice Cubes.

How many numbers of Pi can you recite from memory? The average person might stop at 3.14, but if you have good memory, and you want to show it off, try one million digits of Pi.

One way by which you can celebrate Pi Day is to greet your friends who may or may not know about the holiday. Why not send a few greeting cards today? Over at 123Greetings, there are some e-cards which you can send for free – of course, they’re all about Pi.
Pi Day Card

If you have a little bit of baking skill, why not make yummy Pi goodies like these?
Pi Cupcakes
These cupcakes were made by Corey Marie in 2008. ((Corey Marie on Flickr))

How about some Apple Pie/Pi? I wouldn’t say no to this! For sure, it looks better than the apple pie I had the other week. There are more pie/pi ideas at Serious Eats, if you need more inspiration. ((Pi Day Bake-Off))
Pi Apple Pie

If you can’t go into the kitchen without burning something, just get some wearable Pi – we understand. Check out shirt number two in our list of 10 Really Cool Geek T-Shirts.
Pi Shirt

Alternatively, get the Pi Necklace, which was featured by Jeff last month.

If these are not enough Pi for you, visit Exploratorium’s list of activities for Pi Day. Again, Happy Pi Day everyone! And, don’t forget to throw a birthday greeting down Albert Einstein’s way as well!



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