James Bond Never Had a Watch This Cool


Heck, even Dick Tracy’s cool video phone watch can’t hold a candle to this bad boy.

This concept from designer Alexey Chugunnikov is a combination time-telling device and telephone, doing both things in unexpected, futuristic ways. It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, yet it’s gloriously within reach. And you want one.

It’s called the Rollerphone, and in its dormant mode, it’s a wrist band that projects the current time between its two ends. Like so:

Then, the phone part of it rings. What do you do? How do you answer this wearable piece of sexy chrome? On the underside of your wrist, you grab a slender piece of retracted metal and pull. Out slides something that would make Steve Jobs drool: a flexible, transparent touchscreen.

Sitting cozy in the palm of your hand, this screen is configurable to include smartphone features like apps, videos, music, texting, as well as a standard number pad for dialing.

Once you’ve tapped the “Answer” button, you just hold your wrist up to your face, and talk.

The projection part could probably be done today, though it would be wildly expensive. But technology like the flexible, retractable touchscreen is years away, even though scientists and engineers are already working on it. So there’s nothing here that’s outside the realm of possibility. Give it another ten years or so, and everybody could be using a Rollerphone.

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