New Voltron Cats Are Ready to Kick Some Butt

Voltron Force

Those of you who were kids (or semi-kids, if there is such a thing) in the 80s will know all about Voltron. Robin gave us a taste of Voltron recently and wrote about Voltron Force on Nicktoons and the game. If you were one of those who got all excited about that news, here is some eye candy that will make your day.

To be honest, I was not that big of a Voltron fan. For one thing, our parents didn’t believe in the crap that was shown on TV. Whatever TV I got was from my cousins, who watched Voltes V instead of Voltron. (Now Voltes V is a whole different story. Does anyone here even know about that cartoon?) Still, Voltron was always the topic in the school playground, and I couldn’t help but absorb some of my classmate’s fascination with the Lions.

If you take a look at these Lions, then I am sure you’ll get an inkling of just how cool the cartoon is – will be, for Voltron Force. ((Images via Voltron Force Facebook Page))

Voltron Force
Voltron Force2
Voltron Force3
Voltron Force4
Voltron Force5
There’s really not much to be said about what they have leaked about the new Voltron, but from what I see, things are looking pretty good. The first Lion is my favorite – maybe also because of its stance, which you can’t deny is majestic. For more Voltron Force updates, visit their Facebook Page.

Voltron fans, what do you think about the redesigned Lions? Do you agree that they kick butt?


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