Support Tsunami Victims with Nendoroid Miku Hatsune

Any Vocaloid fan will have no doubt seen pictures of Miku nendoroids floating around the net. With 11 different versions to choose from, you would think that they are easy to obtain, but anyone who has tried to buy one will know otherwise. Check any store that sells nendoroids and they will probably be sold out of Miku or selling her for a higher price tag. It doesn’t help that most versions are exclusive releases and production of the original Miku has stopped.

If you really want a Miku nendoroid and don’t want to pay an exorbitant amount for her, you might be in luck. Good Smile Company is releasing a 12th version of the Miku nendoroid , this time in support of relief efforts in Japan due to the recent earthquake and tsunami (creatively called Miku Hatsune Support ver). The new nendoroid will be exactly the same as the original Miku nendoroid with a few extras included.

Miku already comes with interchangeable faces, different arms and leg parts, and a leek accessory. The support version will come with an extra smiling face, a support flag that looks like a musical note (since Miku is a virtual idol/singer), and a pair of pompoms.

The best part about this nendoroid is that it will only cost 3000 yen, cheaper than a regular nendoroid, and 1000 yen from every nendoroid sold will go towards the Japanese Red Cross. So if you have wanted one of these for a while and are maybe feeling a little guilty about not donating to a relief organization yet, this is the perfect chance to take care of both.

The nendoroid will be available to Japanese customers up until the end of April 7, 2011 (Japan time), after which orders will be open to international customers on Good Smile Company’s Online Shop. Details about the nendoroid can be found here, and a review has been put up by Good Smile’s very own Mika-tan.


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