Check Out Booster Gold & Blue Beetle on Smallville


The latest (and likely last, since the series is wrapping in May) pair of DC Comics characters to appear on Smallville are coming to a small screen near you on April 22nd. The CW sent over some pics of these two new additions to the Smallville-verse, and while one of them looks pretty good, I think they missed the mark on the other.

Appropriately titled “Booster,” the episode finds Booster Gold — the superhero from the future who craves fame — turning up in Metropolis and stealing the spotlight from the Blur (Clark Kent’s persona precursor to Superman). True to his comic book roots, Booster’s goal is nothing less than to supplant Clark and become “the world’s greatest superhero” in the eyes of Metropolis’ citizens. But all things must eventually go awry, and this time it happens when Booster accidentally causes an alien scarab to fall off a truck. The scarab soon fuses itself to a teenager named Jaime Reyes, turning him into the Blue Beetle, but Jaime can’t control his new superpowers and Metropolis is placed in mega-danger.

The episode is being directed by the Man of Steel himself, Tom Welling, and the ep also features what looks to be Clark’s first-ever phone booth quick-change, as you can see from the photos. “Booster” was written by DC Comics superstar writer Geoff Johns, who also wrote the two-part episode where the Justice Society was introduced to the series. Actor Eric Martsolf, a soap opera mainstay who currently stars on Days of Our Lives, guest stars as Booster Gold, while Jaime Reyes/the Blue Beetle is portrayed by Jaren Brandt Bartlett. Bartlett has appeared in lots of geeky shows like The 4400, Dead Zone, Tru Calling, and The Twilight Zone.

As for the costumes… Booster’s works for me, successfully incorporating the leather aesthetic that Smallville‘s heroes favor with his classic look from the comics. (They sure wear big codpieces in the future, though, eh?) But Blue Beetle just looks all kinds of weird. Maybe it will look better in action, but those ginormous shoulder things throw the whole suit out of proportion.

There are more photos below. What do you think?


  1. J.K. Nauekls says

    Eh, Booster Gold looks ago. The muscle suit looks a bit cheesy, and Blue Beetle looks fine, even kinda cool, though a bit like an Iron Man knockoff.

    In my opinion, the show just needs to end. They’ve been milking it too long, and the last episodes have been awful, and Season Nine just didn’t feel like Smallville. Too dark, there was no fun. And now it’s just awful. I’m glad it’s going to end… hopefully the end will just show Clark being Superman. The show has given the fans way too many cop-outs as it is.

    • says

      Man, we must be watching two different shows. This season has been my favorite! I agree there have been some groan-worthy moments over the years, and yes, it’s definitely lasted a lot longer than it was ever meant to. But everything’s been so engrossing this year, with so many big, long-awaited moments and surprise developments. Plus, I’m a sucker for the relationship between Clark & Lois, always have been, long before Smallville. I can see why some might be turned off by the hokey earnestness of their relationship (though I do think that relationship has been well earned), but these two actors have genuine chemistry together, and I enjoy watching them. If the show was sucking more, I’d be happy to see it go, but as it is, I’m going to miss it a lot.

      • J.K. Nauekls says

        I have to admit it, it was nice to see Lois and Clark together. And I’ve been enjoying all of the DC characters that are being introduced–I just wish the stories were executed with with a bit more dignity. The special effects have been awful from the ninth season into the tenth season… it just doesn’t seem like they’re trying anymore. And there have also been some good episodes in this last season… but there’s a lot of bad ones too. Please.. don’t tell me you liked ”Fortune”.. the ”hangover” knockoff.
        I love Smallville, and season ten started out promising, with really good episode after another… but when they got to some of the filler-episodes, they got seriously desperate. It was pretty embarrassing…

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