Hand-Knit Tardis Blanket

Doctor Who is all over the place again, and fans are definitely happy about it. While this is not about the new Doctor Who trailer or anything like that, you just might fancy getting your hands on the creation of hedoknitstic, who posted some really nifty photos of a hand-knit afghan blanket on Flickr.1

For those of you who are still “enjoying” the cold in certain parts of the world, then there is no better blanket to have than this one.
tardisknit 470x626 Hand Knit Tardis Blanket

You don’t even have to turn your computer on to see Tardis – just wrap yourself up in this warm (or so it looks) blankie and you’re all set. And yes, the blanket was really handmade by hedoknitstic. If you check the photostream, you’ll see the stages of its creation. At some point, its even a bit unrecognizable.

tardisknit2 470x626 Hand Knit Tardis Blanket

It took about two and a half months to finish the entire thing, but hedoknitstic says that if she were to make another one, she’d need about six months. Oh, and this thing is comprised of 202,200 stitches! I don’t know if she is open to making Tardis blankets for sale, but she did point the way to the pattern, which can be found for free at Ravelry.2

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