Hasbro My3D Handheld Viewer for iOS devices. A high-tech View-Master


As a child many of you probably enjoyed a great deal of time with Hasbro’s View-Master, I know I did.  The device, since retails sales of the device began in 1939, has been a toy providing hours of fun for those desiring to view 3-D images on paper disks inserted into the View-Master.  Starting April 3, the iconic View-Master will add a high-tech sibling to its family with the introduction of the My3D Handheld Viewer.

Hasbro will begin selling the My3D Handheld Viewer for $35 at Target, with other retail establishments gaining access to the device in June.

The viewer is an iPhone and iPod Touch accessory allowing users to view 3D content on their phone’s 2D display.  For your money one receives the viewer, a mount for your iOS device, and once added to your iPhone or iPod Touch, allows for a binocular-like viewing for 3D content.

Accompanying the hardware launch, Hasbro will release 3D apps in order to make one’s purchase of the My3D Handheld Viewer worth every penny.

The binoculars allow an iPhone or iPod Touch to slide into it when holding them.  Unfortunately users can only view 3D content, meaning you cannot interact with your iOS device’s screen.  To do anything requiring touching of the screen the My3D Handheld Viewer has to be removed.

While a novel concept for sure, the fact that one can only view content at this point makes it seem like an odd-looking iOS accessory made most for children.  That said, the apps, not the device itself, will ultimately determine the usefullness and popularity of the My3D Handheld Viewer.

Will you purchase one of the devices for your iPhone or iPod Touch?  If so, do you think you’ll have as much fun as the gentleman below appears to be having when using the My3D Handheld Viewer?

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