Hate cleaning the bathroom? Tell the robot to do it

Scooba 230

Anyone with parents intent on providing a little discipline and structure in their children know the dreaded feeling of having to complete chores.  Unfortunately as one grows older it hits you that chores never go away.  Certainly there exist some that you don’t mind doing as much, vacuuming for instance, but there are others that some could do without.  One of those has to be cleaning the bathroom.

The bathroom is filled with filth.  No further explanation is needed.  Cleaning a bathroom is not as bad when it’s only your own filth that needs cleaning, but when others use your home’s restroom, cleaning up after them is one of, if not the, worst chores imaginable.

It’s unclear why, when guests use your bathroom they feel the need to treat it like a portable toilet, or a public restroom, but after they’ve finished with their handy work, dawning a Hazmat Safety Uniform is necessary to keep one from getting their mess on oneself.  Until now.

iRobot has released the Scooba 230, a floor-mopping robot designed for bathrooms. The 230 is smaller, closer to the size of a small vinyl album.  According to iRobot:

“Scooba 230 cleans tile, linoleum or sealed hardwood floors using a three-stage cleaning process that neutralizes up to 97% of common household bacteria*. All you have to do is sweep!”

Wonderful!  No more scrubbing floors thanks to a small, cylindrical robot.  Although, there’s still that nasty 3% of bacteria the Scooba misses.  Curses!

Now if iRobot would make something that cleaned the rest of the bathroom and the mess contained therein, a more perfect chore eliminator one would be hard pressed to find.

Is the Scooba 230 something you’d consider purchasing?  What chore(s) do you dislike doing most and why?


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