I Want a Giant LEGO R2-D2 In My Town

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Ad agency Access wants to put a LEGO Minifigure atop the Arc de Triomphe. Or a life-sized Darth Vader holding his lightsaber as the entrance gate to your local parking garage.

Seeing LEGO as a “a brand that can get away with in-your-face stunts” because there’s so much goodwill for it from the general public. In brainstorming creative ad ideas, this street-level LEGO promotion was at the top of their wish-list. The idea is to promote the LEGO brand not with a logo but with “massive LEGO sculptures” that are so big they demand that you tell everyone on your social networks about them. What makes this idea unique is Access’ predilection for putting the giant LEGO sculptures in places you’d never expect to find them.

Man, I love this idea. I wish we had LEGO-covered bridges in my hometown, or a giant R2-D2 towering over the main thoroughfare that leads to downtown. Check out their CGI mock-up images below:

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