Looking For My Treats

Having a brief scan through today’s shipping list, at first glance it all looks rather uninspiring. Then again, I have been fooled like that before, and have often found some tremendous treats.

For the ongoing that I am really passionate about, let me recommend Farscape once, #18 hits the stands again. The invasion of the Kkore is really heating up, and creating some curious alliances; ones that have been making me laugh out loud.

After a wait that seems a little longer than the standard month, Image’s Infinite Vacation #2 also comes out today, and this is one mini I would say do not let slip past you.

Of course, in the super-hero worlds, Flashpoint commences today with Flash #10. My interest in this has increased somewhat, after reading how the entire storyline will have some ongoing relevance after all when reality snaps back to normal, due to the historical revelations it intends to reveal.

Now retroactive continuity can be hit and miss, but if I get a good story out of it, I don’t mind. Just look at the recent S.H.I.E.L.D. mini-series, giving the organisation a history all the wya back to the era of the Pharaoh Imhotep. This flew in the face of established Marvel continuity, such as revealing that Galactus had visited earth in ancient times prior to his defeat by the Fantastic Four in the classic #50 of their mag. Then again, the story was so very engaging, and wetted my appetite for so much more that you know what? I don’t care. This is supposed to be a dynamic medium after all, so why not?


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