Shoot and play songs with the Harmonica Pistol


As a lover of music and a denizen of a state in support of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment allowing for the right to bear arms, the Harmonica Pistol is a fascinating, albeit disturbing, combination of the two.  Unfortunately for players of the harmonica, the musical aspect in the firearm’s name is a bit of a misnomer.


The Jarre Double Action Harmonica Pistol is, as the title suggests, a pistol featuring a method to reload the gun which looks like a harmonica.

Between 1859 and 1862, several patents were filed for harmonica pistols by a French inventor, Jarre. The idea behind the weapon was to offer users a swift method of firing and reloading one’s pistol.

After a round was fired the gun-toting individual would simply push the magazine from right to left and fire the pistol again until all rounds were spent.

From the Firearm Blog concerning the pistol pictured above:

“The bullet chamber houses nine pinfire 38 cartridges. The action functions in both single and double action. There is lower trigger attached to the rear of the primary trigger which fits through a slot in the bottom of the trigger guard that when pulled back advances the chamber and cocks the hammer. To fire double action one simply uses the primary trigger in the traditional manner.”

One of the more bizarre-looking handguns I’ve ever seen and a huge let down in that there isn’t an actual harmonica on the gun.  Great harmonica players with an affinity for weaponry everywhere must be in tears.

If the lack of a real harmonica doesn’t keep you from wanting to own the Jarre Double Action Harmonica Pistol, perhaps you can locate one and acquire one for yourself.  The question is, would you actually want to own one of these pistols and if so, how much would you be willing to pay?



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