The justinCase. Protect your iPhone and your private parts


As an iPhone 4 owner I’ve tried many cases to protect my precious device.  Apple’s iPhone 4 Bumper is a nice addition which shows off the beauty of the phone, but fails to truly protect the phone in the event of a drop.  Not good given my penchant for dropping phones.  The BoxWave Keyboard Buddy Case is another favorite of mine, offering the ability to use a slide-out keyboard on the iPhone 4.  Unfortunately, while adding an extra layer of utility and protection to the iPhone, the Keyboard Buddy adds size to the iPhone.  Definitely an annoyance.

The perfect iPhone 4 case may not yet exist, and may never see the light of day, but a new case aims to protect not only one’s iPhone, but also one’s body from STDs and an unwanted pregnancy, while also maintaining the iPhone 4’s sleek form factor.  Meet the justinCase.

From designer Chris Holder, the justinCase, a concept at present, is an ultra-slim leather textured case to protect your iPhone 4.  Adding to its appeal? is a slide-out hidden compartment for a special line of slim condoms available in 6 different colors or custom prints.

Lest you think the case is for gentlemen only, some of the condom colors offered are pretty pastels, perfect for the woman who longs for companionship with protection.

A very interesting idea indeed.

If made available is the justinCase something you’d purchase for your iPhone 4?


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