Details Leaked About Modern Warfare 3


It will come as a surprise to no one that Activision is planning a new Call of Duty game for release this November. Their publishing strategy over the last three or four years has been to release a new CoD title every year, thanks to the efforts of two different game studios (Infinity Ward and Treyarch). It probably won’t even surprise you to learn that this year’s game is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. But you will be surprised by the amount of details about the game that have been leaked and posted on Kotaku today.

Kotaku’s report includes loads of character, weapon, and location renders, and full spoilers on the game’s storyline. Don’t worry, I’m not about to spoil it for you here; I don’t roll that way. But I will tell you that it picks up immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2, with American forces doing exactly what you’d expect.

Fifteen missions are expected to round out the single player campaign, set in loads of famous real-world locations including New York City, Washington DC, London, Paris, Prague, Moscow, Berlin, Dubai, and more. Kotaku describes these levels as containing “mammoth battles”The multiplayer maps use many of these same locations, with a healthy variety of popular game modes and possibly a few new ones.

Modern Warfare 3 is said to wrap up dangling plot threads from the last two games, while introducing two new characters that may play a big role in future CoD titles.

In the meantime, Activision is expected to make its annual reveal for the new Call of Duty game at E3 next month. Until then, they’re refusing to comment, although Infinity Ward tweeted about the leaks, claiming that “some” of the info in Kotaku’s report is accurate, while other parts have changed during the development process.


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