“Sketches3” 2011 Sketchbook & Print Project


Ever heard of Tom Hodges? He’s this guy who is best known for his Star Wars web comic, and he is looking for pledges for a brand new project called “Sketches3” 2011 Sketchbook Print Project. ((I’m actually not sure if it’s Sketches2 or Sketches3, but it seems to be 3.)) Tom Hodges continues to be the Lead Artist in the web comic but he also has other projects including providing art for Jane Wiedlin’s
“Lady Robotika”.

Here is a sampling of what you can see in the Sketchbook.

If those sketches are anything to go by, the finished work should be something worthy of putting on your coffee table and showing off to your visitors. Alternatively, simply going over the sketchbook on your own should be enough to give you satisfaction.

The thing is, this project will not push through unless Tom Hodges receives enough pledges by the end of this month. He is using Kickstarter to receive pledges, with the minimum pledge of $1. If you pledge at least $5, you will have your name on the back cover of “Sketches3“. If you pledge $15 or more, you will receive this print.

Hodges says that this is a very rough sketch. It will definitely have more improvements before its release, and it will definitely be in full color. Still, it seems a very good deal already!

Now if you pledge $50 or more, you get your name on the back cover, the print above, a signed copy of “Sketches3“, and a random sketch by the artist. There are several more values for pledges, each level offering more “freebies”.

To find out more about the project and to make a pledge, visit Sketches3 on Kickstarter.

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