10 Awesome Home Theaters

Is there any more decadent or geekier-than-thou way of expressing your superiority than by constructing your very own themed cinema at home? These ten home theaters are so over the top, they’ve obliterated the top.

And you know you want one.


This one’s just a concept for now, but it’s available made-to-order. [by Elite Home Theater Seating]

Death Star (Star Wars)

[by Definitive Audio]

The Enterprise (Star Trek)

Click on the image to zoom in and get the full effect. [by Gary Reighn]

The Enterprise-D #1 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

I suppose it’s only natural that there would be so many Star Trek home theaters. The bridge of the Enterprise is shaped like a theater, after all. [by Electronics Systems Consultants]

The Enterprise-D #2 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

Probably best captures the look and feel of the Next Gen‘s flagship. [by Acoustic Innovations]

The Matrix

I’m not sure I see the resemblance, though it’s said to include lots of design elements “inspired by” The Matrix. Personally, I would have gone with the bridge of the Nebuchadnezzar, but that’s just me. [by RPG Diffusor Systems]

Nautilus (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea)

[by Dillon Works]

Pirate Ship

[by Elite Home Theater Seating]

Stargate Atlantis

Sorry Stargate fans, but I had no idea anybody loved the show that much. [by Visual Concepts] Also check out OneCall’s whole house audio guide to help get you on your way to having a whole home audio system.


[by Cinema at Home]

This is a sentence.


    • I know what follows "UN" says

      Unimaginative, Unexciting, Unpopular, but Unpolite. You are all of these, but you are NOT an UN douche.

  1. says

    Absolutely amazing. I wish I could afford these for my place. Only in my dreams.
    Nice post. Excellent ideas.
    One question: If I am in the Pirate Theme Theater, can I still watch Star Wars?

  2. Tannie says

    HA!! What an awesome thing to do, build something to share with friends..you must love them a lot!! and you must be one of the most loved people of your community! Never mind how much “MOO LA” you had to fork out. I wish could come stay with you!! KUDOS!!

    I guess it is all worth it ..Who was the last known celeb in your house?

  3. Leah says

    It’s depressing how nerdy this is. It’s more depressing that I would love to have every one of those.

  4. Len says

    What does this type of waste say about people who obviously have more money than brains. I don’t think it’s art but a reflection of corporate influence (Hollywood) to the feeble minded with money. Surely you don’t need all the artificial bull***t to enjoy a film with friends, such showoffs sicken me considering how many of us are economically limited to just having a place to live and something to eat. There are so many more important things to do than impress friends with our affluence.

  5. Old Eyes says

    All of them have tiny screens, I’d spend the extra money used to decorate on a bigger screen. When the lights are out you can’t see the bling.

  6. says

    These are some pretty sweet theatres, but I don’t think I would ever get one in my house, i’d have a more general looking cinema and huge comfy recliners

  7. says

    When I get rich, I am soooo Going to remake that “The Enterprise-D #1 (Star Trek: The Next Generation)” in my house. The first thing I will watch? The whole series of star trek the next generation. I’ll have a trekkie grand opening party.


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