Elements 114 and 116 Added to the Periodic Table

Periodic Table 114116 Elements 114 and 116 Added to the Periodic Table
I think it’s time for periodic table enthusiasts to go back to the drawing board and update their creations. After three years of review, two new elements have finally been added to the periodic table. The elements, 114 and 116, remain to be formally named. However, they are currently being called ununquadium and ununhexium, respectively.

The two elements have been observed for many years now, and apparently, they have been produced in the lab as early as 1999. However, the committee that governs chemistry and physics have taken their time to make sure that everything’s in order before formally proclaiming the two elements.

Elements 114 and 166 are currently the heaviest elements in the periodic table, with the atomic masses of 289 and 292. Both elements are highly radioactive, although all their properties have not yet been determined.

So who are the guys behind the production (in the lab) of these elements? Two teams from the opposite parts of the world have collaborated and have gotten the governing body’s approval: the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. Now it is said that the Russian team gets most of the credit for this work, so the chances are that elements 114 and 116 will have Russian names.

The chances are that the Periodic Table will not be updated any time soon, so I hope that whoever created all those cool Periodic Table thingamijigs will make updates soon. After all, we’re also after accuracy, aren’t we?

Via Physorg

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