Articles from the month July 2011

Angry Birds Obsession

I have to be honest: I don’t get why Angry Birds is so big. It’s a perfectly enjoyable video game, and I can enjoy slingshotting birds across the screen as much as the next guy. But is it really worthy of the incredible superstardom it’s achieved? To find out, let’s look at some of the […]

Classic Comic Books Look Stunning as Stained Glass

Comic books are tremendous, classic comic books even more so.  Comics still hold a soft spot in the hearts of many with films featuring comic book characters released seemingly every month, the recent conclusion of another Comic-Con, and new methods for sparking comic cravings.  The books themselves (the good ones) are works of art, with […]

Spontaneous Flesh Crawling

Many comics billed as horror comics simply fail to elicit that clammy, sweaty response that one would expect from the genre. The same cannot be said for one of the latest offerings from Oni Press, now into its second issue. Spontaneous deals with the story of Melvin, a boy cursed from childhood with the ability […]

Embrace Death with the Mushroom Death Suit

No, I am not feeling morbid on this overcast Friday, but who can resist reading up on something called mushroom death suit? Inventor slash artist Jae Rhim Lee has taken on an immense project that crosses boundaries. On the one hand, she tackles the scientific aspect of training fungi to eat dead bodies. On the […]

Uh-Oh: Nintendo Drops 3DS to $169.99

Nintendo has announced that the price of the 3DS portable game console is being dropped from $249.99 to $169.99 on August 12th. If you do the math, that’s a 32% price cut for a console that’s less than 5 months old. Nintendo couldn’t have picked a louder way of announcing to the world that sales […]

Why There Was No ‘Superman Returns’ Sequel

The 5-minute scene you’re about to watch cost Warner Bros. $10 million to make. It was meant to be the opening of Superman Returns, Bryan Singer’s 2006 big-budget film that heralded Superman‘s return to the big screen. But there’s a very good reason it didn’t make the cut: it’s dull as dirt.

25 Hacked Road Signs

A recent fad almost as popular as planking is the art of hacking electronic road signs. It’s remarkably easy to sneak up to these things when nobody’s looking and input your own message for passersby to read. A quick Internet search will turn up instructions on how it’s done; here are 25 of the most […]

iPad 2 Gold History Edition Comes With T-Rex Bone

There is no other word for the iPad 2 Gold History Edition but outrageous. Wait, let me take that back. You can say preposterous, absurd, ridiculous, and all the other synonyms you can think of. There really is no other way to describe this new creation of Stuart Hughes. ((Source)) Remember him? He’s the well […]

Quick! To-Fu: The Trials of Chi is FREE.

Don’t you just love it when you refresh your iPad’s store “Top” category and scroll down to find something you’ve been iffy about buying but now it doesn’t matter because it’s free? Well, you can say that for To-Fu the Trials of Chi, a best of show in the App store since its debut last […]

What’s a store to do?

On Saturday at San Diego Comicon, a panel gathered to discuss the effects of the digital market on the comics industry. It is amazing that in one breath a statement can be made that is both abhorrent to long time devotees of the medium yet is perfect common sense at the same time. As a […]

Periodic Table of Heavy Metals

One of the things that we love to feature on ForeverGeek is the periodic table. It doesn’t even have to be THE periodic table as we know it from school. Anything periodic table works. We even have a post compiling some of the coolest versions of the periodic table you can find online. Unfortunately, the […]

Google+ Geek

Clever designer Karen Hallion has created a T-shirt design that takes the friend “Circles” concept from Google+ and brings it firmly into geek territory.

A Look at ‘The Walking Dead’ Game

Telltale Games has released its first screenshot (above) and some concept art from its upcoming video game adaptation of The Walking Dead. And it’s looking pretty darn good.

2012 Song of Ice and Fire Calendar Is Out!

Boys and girls of Westeros, this is the only calendar that you need for 2012 – the year of the dragon. The 2012 A Song of Ice and Fire calendar has been released, and if you are anything like me, your heart will be palpitating in anticipation. No exaggeration here. As one can expect, there […]

Would you play this game designed by a nine year old?

Nine year old Owain Weinert was diagnosed with a really bad case of Leukemia but that didn’t stop him from realizing his dream of meeting real developers and designing his own game for the iOS. Made possible by Make a Wish Foundation, Owain worked with the team from 4th and Battery and Popcap Games to […]

An Animated ‘Assassin’s Creed’ Treat

Should you buy the Animus Edition or the Collectors’ Edition of Assassin’s Creed Revelations this November, you’re going to get something extra special in your goodie pack. Assassin’s Creed Embers is a new animated short film that’s been crafted by UbiWorkshop as a special “thank you” to the core fans. But what’s it about?

13 Film Franchises That Must Die

Hollywood loves sequels. It loves them so much that they often get made instead of… you know, original stories. Here are 13 film franchises that have long outlived their usefulness — but refuse to go away.

QR Codes Under Your Skin?

I don’t know about you, but I have been seeing QR codes, or Quick Response codes, more lately. It’s not like QR codes are something new, but I didn’t really notice them being used a lot till recently. Some people in my circle of friends online even use QR codes for their profile picture. We’ve […]

Nendoroids at the Summer 2011 Wonder Festival

Every summer and winter, there is an event called the Wonder Festival in Tokyo, which showcases anime figures from various makers. While the event was originally meant for amateur figure sculptors to show off and sell their work, it has since been taken over by large figure manufacturers wanting to advertise their line-up of new […]

Muggle Recipes for Butterbeer

It seems like part two of the final Harry Potter installment truly nailed this series as the ‘Star Wars’ of this generation. Save in this case the books came prior to the big screen. You know when something hits mainstream when the fanfare cocktail gets served in homes around the world. Of course, we’re talking […]