10 Mind-Blowing Stop Motion Videos


Stop motion animation is a rare thing these days. In the age of computer animation, it takes a special kind of animator to endure the incredible patience and painstaking skill required to animate real-world objects, one frame at a time. Yet for those remaining devotees, the production values have continued to advance with the times. Here are ten examples of stop motion animation that push the envelope of what’s possible. Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor.

All of these videos come from Vimeo because, well, when it comes to looking for quality creative videos, accept no substitutes. Vimeo is the cooler, hipper Apple to YouTube’s Windows.

AT-AT Day Afternoon

What if a miniature Star Wars AT-AT was a lovable canine pet? [1:04]

Brick Impaler

Take LEGO-powered stroll down classic video game memory lane. [1:27]

Google Street View

A virtual tour of the world awaits in this clever video that uses Google’s “Street View” maps in a way no one’s ever thought of before. [1:14]

Iron Man vs. Bruce Lee

Who would win a duel between Iron Man and Bruce Lee? These two awesome toys decide find out, and everything about this minute-long video is just perfection. Observe the realistic ways in which the two characters move and behave, or the camera shake when Iron Man lands on the ground. Stay tuned for the kooky ending you won’t see coming. [1:00]

Muto – a wall painted animation

Bet you never knew graffiti could be animated. [7:26]

My Desk Is 8-Bit

I’m not sure what the medium used for this one is, but it’s a genius piece of work where a classic-style video game is recreated on a wooden desk. [1:18]


I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, but it’s gorgeous and macabre in that Tim Burton kind of way. Totally irresistible. [2:48]

Nowhere Near Here

What happens when you combine light with stencils to depict a dog running around and playing in a city at night? [4:44]

Out of a Forest

This one has an actual storyline, and it’s a good one. It starts slow but gets interesting after the first minute. [5:53]

The Sandpit

An astounding look at New York in miniature. [5:30]

This is Where We Live

The world of books comes alive in this brilliant animation. [2:47]


An award-winning short film that’s guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings. With character designs similar to Little Big Planet‘s Sackboy, Zero follows a hated number who must overcome horrible oppression. [12:32]


  1. CalebG. says

    Note, “sandpit” is not strictly a “stop motion” film. It is first and foremost “Tilt/Shift” (which deserves its own article because of coolness). It very well may be “timelapse” photography, but stop motion implies manipulation and positioning of elements within the frame before each photograph. I hope you realize that its not a model, by the way. That’s actually New York.

      • CalebG. says

        That’s the amazing bit . . . it’s not. :)

        just go on Vimeo and explore search results for tilt/shift. That’s where the really good stuff is.

        One very important thing to note is that high quality lenses used for this are quite expensive ($6k+ for Canon), so there are lots of videos that “fake” tilt/shift with effects. These ones will look somewhat convincing on some shots, but not on others. You will be able to tell if it is done with a real tilt/shift lens, as it will look perfectly miniature in every shot.

        there are relatively inexpensive adaptors for this, though. the best ones made by: http://lensbaby.com/#0

  2. Brian Krewson says

    You like these, check this out. This guy did an entire feature length MOVIE, then cut it into 20+ Youtube videos. ONE GUY… Freaking awesome stuff.

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