Need a hug? Feel your own with Sense-Roid HugBot

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Crave companionship?  Do you find yourself lacking in love and absent affection, or do you simply need a good hug?  Finally, thanks to Japanese robotics engineers, a hug will always be at the ready with the Sense-Roid HugBot.

Combine the Sense-Roid HugBot with another Japanese creation, a mood-matching cat ear headset, and your emotional state may improve despite the fact that another’s opinion of you may take a serious hit.

The Sense-Roid HugBot was developed by a student at the University of Electro-Communications in Japan, and is described as:

“The Sense-Roid is essentially a sewer’s dress form–a mannequin torso, in other words–that wears a very particular jacket or vest. The user also wears a jacket, and when the two articles of clothing connect, they being to inflate with air and vibrate in ways meant to simulate a real hug.”

“In fact, the Sense-Roid mimics the pressure from the user’s hug, so in a way, hugging it is like hugging yourself. It detects the precise nature of the hug with micro switch sensors, then reciprocates in real-time. There are no known plans to make the Sense-Roid any more than a prototype.”

Sounds warm and cuddly, no?   If the description doesn’t grab you (pun intended), perhaps the “loving” video demonstration below will.

Forgive me if I’m creeped out by the concept and the video, but if I need a hug and can’t find a willing partner (highly likely), don’t expect me to ever turn to the Sense-Roid HugBot for a loving embrace.

What do you think of the Sense-Roid HugBot?  Odd or awesome?

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