Ultimate LEGO Batcave

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LEGO Batcave by Alex Schranz

Get ready to pick your jaw up off the floor. ‘Cause you’re not going to believe the intricate level of detail in this incredible LEGO diorama.

I’m not sure which version of the Batcave this is meant to depict — the Tim Burton version? the Christopher Nolan one? the cartoon version? something completely original? — but it’s crazy good. Builder Alex Schranz used around 9,000 LEGO bricks and some terrific ambient lighting to wondrous effect, creating a multi-level Batcave that’s built right into the cave walls. There’s a spot for the Batmobile, an armory, a huge computer/surveillance system, a vault for both Batman and Robin’s suits, winding stairs and catwalks, and even sewer access! If you look closely, you can also see plenty of bats hanging upside down, adding to the authentic feel.

Perhaps most impressive of all, Schranz says it took him only one week to complete this build. A week! Alex has the skills you wish you had. Go here to see more pictures.

LEGO Batcave by Alex Schranz
LEGO Batcave by Alex Schranz
LEGO Batcave by Alex Schranz

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