Doctor Who Meets DuckTales


"DocTales" by Horizonbound

It’s… DocTales! And I am so in.

DeviantArt artist “Horizonbound” cooked up this beauty of a mashup after apparently getting the DuckTales theme stuck in his head, at which point the recalled the line “might solve a mystery, or rewrite history…” Which of course took him straight to Doctor Who. No-brainer, right?

Front and center, you can see “the Ducktor,” behind him the “Duckponds,” and that’s “River Swan” pulling up the rear. I’m thinking this would actually make an awesome comic book for kids (of all ages). Though I have to admit, it’s a bit troubling to see these four beloved characters wearing no pants.

Horizonbound promises to do more DocTales art in the future. Can’t wait!

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