Hand-Drawn Animated ‘Schwarzenegger Trilogy’


Step back, contenders. I think we have found the world’s biggest Arnold Schwarzenegger fans. This trilogy of short animated films, inspired by the Governator himself, were hand-drawn with highlighters used for color.

Created by collaborative artists Jimmy Thompson and Harry McGowan, who are known under the company name Brainbow, The Schwarzenegger Trilogy is comprised of 1600 individual hand-drawn frames. I have no idea how many man-hours that would require, but I’m guessing more than a few.

The first is called “5 4 3 2…”, and features a collection of famous movie explosions. Can you name them all? I have to admit, I only recognized a few. The second animation, probably the best of the bunch, is called “Galleria.” It’s a recreation of that awesome scene from Terminator 2 where young John Connor meets both the T-1000 and the Arnold Terminator for the first time. (Man, James Cameron was on fire with that movie.) Lastly is “come on… get down,” which the artists describe as an “original gangsta rap” song with clips of Arnold used as the lyrics.


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