New Geek Destination: Kharkov Video Card Museum

Video Card Museum New Geek Destination: Kharkov Video Card Museum

Kharkov Video Card Museum

Are you a geek who likes to travel? I think that most people would love to trot the globe all the time if only time and money allowed them to do so. For many, though, a carefully planned trip or two each year would have to suffice.

If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and you are lucky enough to have the resources to hop on a plane as much as you want, here is the perfect destination for you – Ukraine. Now the Ukraine has a lot to offer the ordinary tourist in terms of natural and cultural attractions. ForeverGeek is not a travel web site, but this Ukrainian attraction has got to be in any geek’s bucket list: the Kharkov Video Card Museum. 1

Museums are always an interesting destination as you get a glimpse of a world that you normally don’t see everyday. This is the first time I have heard of a video card museum, though, and boy, do I wish to go to the Ukraine if only for this!

The video card museum started out as a the result of Alexander’s (aka SArd) passion for video cards. Many of you can probably relate. Buy a computer. Pay particular attention to the graphics card. Upgrade to a more powerful video card so you can play awesome games. Buy a new computer with a new graphics card. Upgrade the video card again. And the cycle goes on and on. That’s exactly Alexander’s experience. The big difference is that he actually went one step further and established a museum where you can see something like this.

Video Card Museum Corner New Geek Destination: Kharkov Video Card Museum

Kharkov Video Card Museum Corner

Alexander is definitely not alone in his passion, and he has been fortunate enough to have the support of likeminded people. His collection, which was officially revealed in March of this year, features donated video cards as much as Alexander’s own cards.
Video Card Museum Details New Geek Destination: Kharkov Video Card Museum

Kharkov Video Card Museum Details

The next trip you plan, why not consider Ukraine? Aside from everything else an ordinary tourist will want to see, you will have the pleasure of going back in time with all those video cards!

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