Speeding Superheroes Artwork: Catch ‘em if You Can

Superheroes and artwork will never get old. At least not if the artwork is good, or at the very least, interesting. I just discovered an artist by name of Keron Grant, and what he has done with a handful of superheroes is definitely interesting, and I dare say, awesome.1

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You might be thinking that drawing superheroes is nothing to write about, but Keron Grant’s work is more than static depictions of these creatures we look up to. To make things more exciting and breathtaking, the artist has incorporated the element of motion. Indeed, he has made his superheroes look as if they are in a hurry to get somewhere – wherever that may be.

I really should just stop trying to convince you with words and show you these speeding superheroes.

Superman1 930x609 Speeding Superheroes Artwork: Catch em if You Can

Speeding Superman

The Man of Steel can fly, and we know he can fly fast. Looking at this speeding superhero drawing, I can’t help but remember the conversation that Sheldon and the gang had about the physical inaccuracy of Superman diving from above to catch Lois Lane in midair. I think that scene would be a great way to show how fast this superhero can fly, yes? Anyhow, I don’t know if it’s just me, but the angle/perspective used in this drawing makes me dizzy.

Batman e1314344107830 Speeding Superheroes Artwork: Catch em if You Can

Speeding Batman

When I write/read “Speeding Batman”, I think of Bruce Wayne in that rumbling Batmobile (the latest one). Keron Grant’s rendition of a speeding Batman is rather different, though, and quite eye catching, don’t you think?

The Flash Speeding Superheroes Artwork: Catch em if You Can

The Flash

This speeding superhero drawing is the best of the lot, in my opinion. I am not a fan of The Flash, but this drawing just made my jaw drop. The blending of the colors are just perfect, and the facial expression is so intense.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are only three of these speeding superheroes in the gallery. You can, however, see more of Keron’s work which may interest you. Go check it out?

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