The Stanley Parable

This is a story of a man named Stanley. Stanley worked for a company …

Warning: This video contains the full walkthrough of The Stanley Parable

The Stanley Parable is a rather brilliant narrative crafted into a mod for Half Life 2. To play it you won’t need to have a copy of Half Life 2, just Source SDK ’07 tools. And yes it works on a Mac. The Stanley Parable is a narrative that you “can’t win” nor will you be able to fully control what takes place within the narration. If you’re trying to understand, don’t. Cakebread has designed the game so that you’re only equipped with nothing but vague references that set the tone of the game.

The Stanley Parable’s strongest element is the actual narrative. In the tradition of Valve (yeah we know this is a 3rd party MOD) that brings forth amazing voice narratives such as G-Man and GLADOS, Stanley’s narrative tone is set with that lovely British flair.

The Stanley Parable is set in the confines of a big company where our protagonist Stanley seems to be rather content with his daily routine of pushing buttons. One day, something goes wrong — he stops receiving job orders and thus feels some form of emptiness brew as there are no more reasons to push the buttons in front of his console. Stanley ventures out of his room and thus begins the amazing narrative.

The game does have some form of replay value but truth be told it should be treated more like a narrative piece of art than anything else, as you may be disappointed with the level of complexity the game has. “Stanley saw two doors in front of him and he entered the one on the left.” — Yep it’s that kind of narrative.

The game itself will give you a quick fix of about 30 minutes if you want to discover multiple endings. So yes dear friends, this is perhaps the shortest mod ever made. Even shorter than Half Life 2: The Lost Coast which was nothing more than a HDR settings test.

Oh. The Stanley Parable is classified under Horror.


  1. Matt says

    Because this game deserves more than the idiotic rambling “Meh” of a self-described “dope” I am commenting here to say what I just said.

    Great mod, worth your time if you have a brain that forms full sentences rather than just random sounds like “Meh.”

  2. Laurie says

    I agree with Matt and Stanley Parable. This was a great thought provoking mod, that was short enough. It had several endings, all which I thoroughly enjoyed. But I don’t get why it’s classified under horror. Didn’t scare me one bit.

    • TammieJ says

      I don’t know if you’ll see these but it is horror like the shortest horror story is horror(you know, the one that goes: The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock on the door…, or a little like fahrenheit 451) It’s not scary in the traditional sense, but it makes you think and makes you confused and in the end it scares you. For example, it the second ending were Stanley enables the thing the narrator gets a little mad and goes on saying basically that he’s in control that Stanley never had real freedom even in the first ending, that the narrator let him do that. Stanley didn’t have a choice to leave thus even when he left for freedom he wasn’t really free, or when you find out that you just a puppet from the time Stanley was pushing buttons to the very end. The game takes away your freedom, which in its own term is scary. Also, it’s horror in way because of its unknown factor , the quietness and isolation makes you a little on edged,because your just walking around not knowing what’s around the corner or behind the door. Those kind of thing is what can classify it as a horror game.

  3. says

    Absolutely one of the best mods to come out in a long time. It’s a brilliant game, but you must play it through several times with every possible ending to get the full brilliance of it. Awesome though.


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