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Justice League #1

Justice League #1 Wildstorm style

Well, today’s the day that the New Fifty Two (hardly the catchiest of slogans) bursts out into existence, and the first sight of it is in Justice League #1. I can’t determine whether I like it or not.

Well, that’s a total lie. I do like it, I like it a lot so far, on the strength of one issue. Heck, I wasn’t that bothered about how Flashpoint ended, I just leapt straight into reading the League.

It seems quite the schizophrenic experience. As a first issue, the offering Geoff Johns puts before us seems to have a lot more in common with a Wildstorm first issue than what one expects from DC, and this is not only due to the admittedly excellent Jim Lee art, but to the confrontational tone. Not only are the Gotham PD after the Bat, but the Bat and Green Lantern very nearly come to blows (highlighting the immaturity of Hal Jordan from the very onset. No surprise there then).

Yet here we are, faced with Batman, Green Lantern and the remarkable healthy and human looking Victor Stone who we just know something really nasty is going to happen to. Familiar icons that we know inside and out, but acting like they are, well, in a Wildstorm book. I have to ask, if the Wildstorm formula was so successful, why did they cancel the line in the first place? As much as I enjoyed it, another part of me screams to the heavens about the sheer blasphemy. And I like all of those feelings.

No JSA? Sacrilege. Too many guns and no public love of the spandex? Wrong, wrong, wrong, but deliciously so. The unseen spectre of Silas Stone hovering over all the metahumans (assuming he is still Cyborg’s father of course), a promising harbinger of treats to come. They never did use Silas to his greatest advantage.

Of course, this being the League, there is no small beginning either. The villain of the piece (aside from human nature) is some creation of Darkseid. Yes, you heard it right, Darkseid.

So DC has decided to throw a bone to all of us long-time fans, by use of the name which the mere mention of sends shivers through our spines. And there we were, waiting for some barely in continuity Earth-51 drama to return the New Gods, while the big bad himself had died, destroying reality along with it. How can you have the New Gods without Darkseid? The answer if that you can’t. So in one foul swoop, the critics of Final Crisis have been muted, and the entire new timeline is justified.

In time, our other questions will no doubt be answered. Earth 2 will return, (although I have to feel sorry for ‘our’ Power Girl, she always seemed to get the raw end of the stick), and the JSA and Infinity Inc will fly again. Writers will escape the control of their editors and make reference to the pre-Flashpoint stories, confusion will return as the core fan base rejoice at such out of policy tales, and the whole mess will continue on, and rightly so.

All of my previous worries about the DCnU have been wiped away, with two simple words.


(Not a direct quote, but what do you hear in the cry ‘For Darkseid’?)


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