Amazing 3D Drawings by Fredo

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Every now and then, you come across artwork that takes your breath away. I am no art expert, but I can appreciate good work. Sometimes, even those pieces of art that I don’t understand, I can feel good about. This new set of drawings that I came across, though, I totally get. I don’t know how the guy does it, but these 3D drawings are so amazing you just can’t stop looking at them.

The artist: FredoART from DeviantART. He goes by the name Fredo, although his real name is Wladimir Inostroza. This guy is only 20 years old, and he is from Santiago, Chile. He loves rock music and loves playing with reality with his art. All these details kind of fade into the background though, when faced with the artist’s talent.

Basically, he draws 3D images on paper, making the end result look anything like drawings. To add to the realistic effect, he also incorporates real objects in his work. Just take a look at some of his 3D drawings to see what I mean.

I suppose anyone can draw a bottle. Heck, even I can draw the outlines of a bottle. But how many people do you know can make a drawing of a bottle look like a real bottle placed atop a sketchpad?

Bottle by FredoART
Bottle by FredoART

Isn’t that a pretty amazing sight?

It gets better, though. A bottle is simple, but how about an animal?

Owl by FredoART
Owl by FredoART

I am not particularly fond of birds with huge eyes that can startle the heck out of you, but this is WOW!

Fredo is not content with small animals. You know that proverbial elephant in the room? You can literally have one if you have this drawing.

Utero by FredoART
Utero by FredoART

It looks to me that the elephant is trying to fight its way out of the sketchpad, and I love how the trunk curls up so that the end looks as if it were actually not drawn on the paper.

Lana by FredoART
Lana by FredoART

I don’t know what this is supposed to be, but I think it is the piece that has the most effect on me. I don’t know why, but I am mesmerized.

For more of Fredo’s awesome 3D drawings, visit his DeviantART page. ((Fredo’s DeviantART profile))

2 thoughts on “Amazing 3D Drawings by Fredo

  1. Fredo, very nice!! I wascaptivated when saw your drawings!
    How come you are so talented? That’s God gift for real.

    Good job! Was actually looking for a way to purchase your 3-D art.
    But anyway, wish you all the best. Would be nice to get to know you!


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