Still Addicted to Angry Birds?

Everywhere I go these days, I see something related to Angry Birds. To be honest, I think that the hype has outlived its use a long time ago. However, entrepreneurs are still jumping on the Angry Birds bandwagon. I have seen bags, hats, plushies, pillows, shirts, key rings, and all sorts of other merchandise with the Angry Birds characters in them. Perhaps it is an indication that a good number of people still have an Angry Birds addiction. Perhaps it’s just trying to milk the brand for what it’s worth.

In any case, if you are still one of those of who have an Angry Birds addiction, then you will find this infographic rather interesting. Personally, I do have a soft spot for the birds and the pigs, but I haven’t really played the game in a long time. Maybe finding it a tad difficult for my skills is a huge reason. ;)

The infographic was created by Ask Your Target Market, a market research company. Much of the data found in the infographic is not surprising. Some information may not even be new. There are a couple of things that did get my attention, though.

  • People actually admit to having Angry Birds addiction, and 12% of those have deleted the app from their device to “cure” the addiction. Another 12% have considered deleting the app to solve the problem but have never gotten around to doing so.
  • According to the infographic, the physics of Angry Birds is real. It’s what you would expect in real life. I beg to disagree. I know I have been labeled as sucking at applied physics, but really, Angry Birds defies the laws of physics in more ways than one!
  • If you are single, you are more likely to feel sad or angry after playing Angry Birds. I am sorry, I can’t help but think that there is more to the equation than playing the game!

For more straightforward details (numbers on sales, minutes/hours played in total, etc.), check out the infographic below.

Angry Birds Addiction Infographic | AYTM
Infographic by: AYTM Market Research

So do you still have an Angry Birds addiction? I think I have moved on to another social game, which I shall not name lest I get rotten fruits and vegetables thrown at me.


  1. says

    I’m sure everyone can relate to this infographic as almost everybody have already played this game even once in their life. And yes, unfortunately there is no cure for this addiction. Unless you are brave enough to delete this game from your device.

  2. donoho says

    Angry Birds is a symptom, not an addiction. If it wasn’t AB, it would be bejeweled, breakout, Tetris, etc. Outside of their intended purpose, casual games fill a void left by inadequate discipline, poor time management and a lack of personal goals. When you give yourself 1/2 an hour to play it’s fine. When you lose 1/2 an hour you’ve got a problem. How does one overcome angry birds? Get a fuller life. Personally, I enjoy angry birds. When other things need to get done, I put it down.

  3. says

    I think part of the Angry Birds success that people forget about
    this: it is NOT a new game! Angry birds managed to take a popular
    STYLE of flash games, pair it with updated graphics, physics, etc., and
    just so happened to be at the forefront of smartphone/tablet gaming.
    I have played dozens games like angry birds and all were addictive to a degree, but they were tied to a website, not available in your hand all day, 365 days a year!

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