Casey Jones: The Movie


Independent filmmaker Polaris Banks transformed and filmed his brother Hilarion Banks as Casey Jones, the off-kilter, sports gear-loving vigilante from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, resulting in this hard-edged, professional quality short film.

Banks’ film, which lasts a little over half an hour, takes you inside the life of Casey Jones with plenty of blood and grit.  The movie reveals how this guy became the masked vigilante who spars with — and often helps out — the Turtles. Speaking of whom, it’s impossible to tell the story of Casey Jones without the heroes-in-a-half-shell, and Banks gives a supporting role to Michelangelo, the nun chuck-using, wise-cracking Turtle. He even got the actor who voices Michelangelo in the big-screen movies, Robbie Rist, to star as Mike’s voice.

The only place you can watch the movie is at, though I’ve embedded the 2+ minute trailer above. Be warned that it’s a little graphic. Not goretastic by any means, but plenty of blood is spilled.

My take: Hilarion Jones’ take on Casey is a bit hammy (and the actor is kinda skinny for the role), but he gets the job done. The real draw comes from the pull-no-punches action scenes, which mostly take place in the second half. Given that Banks made the movie on an indie budget, it’s a remarkable accomplishment. For Turtles fans, it should be required viewing. For everyone else… I can think of worse ways of spending half an hour.

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