The Life of an Old Superhero

We’ve seen the real-life grandma who posed as a superhero in order to combat the blues. We’ve seen what Spock (aka Leonard Nimoy) does now that there is no Star Trek. (Okay, he is not a superhero, but still!) But what about superheroes – or one superhero in particular – grow old? What do they do?

Artist Andreas Englund has put into visuals the life of an old superhero. Born in Falun, Sweden in 1974, Englund succinctly shares his story:

“Humour can be the carrier of messages that are otherwise hard to convey. For me, it liberates my thoughts and ideas from pretentiousness while at the same time it opens doors to new routes and angles.”

Indeed, looking at this “storyboard” of his work, you will see that statement showcased.

Old Superhero Flying 470x285 The Life of an Old Superhero

Old Superhero Flying

Old he may be, but he can still fly. I don’t know about the fit of the costume, though. Maybe it’s time to pay the seamstress a visit!

Old Superhero Eating 470x277 The Life of an Old Superhero

Old Superhero Eating

And yes, superheroes do eat. They even get their share of bad fruit every now and then.

Old Superhero Choking 470x253 The Life of an Old Superhero

Old Superhero Choking

This old superhero doesn’t seem to be a stranger to choking. In the literal sense. What do you do when you see a superhero in this state? You better hope you know how to do the Heimlich Manuever!

Old Superhero with a Bad Back 470x244 The Life of an Old Superhero

Old Superhero with a Bad Back

When superheroes get old, it seems that they are not immune to bad backs! Poor guy – he just got done beating up the bad guys, but he seems to be in pain because of all the effort. I wonder if he likes getting back massages?

Old Superhero with Groceries 470x262 The Life of an Old Superhero

Old Superhero with Groceries

This is my favorite of the lot. Awesome car in the background, yes. What got me, though, is the portrayal of a superhero doing ordinary human stuff like going grocery shopping. And having his bag fall on the ground.

Old Superhero Sitting 470x353 The Life of an Old Superhero

Old Superhero Sitting

And my last pick: the old superhero looking all regal and relaxed on his chair.

For more of these pictures, visit Englund’s web site.

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