The Simpsons in Minecraft

Since the world was graced with Minecraft, players have used the game like a virtual play set of LEGO blocks, in order to build… well, anything they can think of. Here’s one of the most clever uses I’ve seen yet: the entire opening credits sequence of The Simpsons, filmed in the gloriously low resolution of Minecraft.

This particular short film was made by a YouTube user known as “CraftedMovie” (they also have a Facebook page)– a person or group that’s racked up some 29 Minecraft videos devoted to of all sorts of wildly diverse things, such as Pokemon, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, parkour, mazes, and more.

It couldn’t have been easy to reproduce The Simpsons‘ title sequence in Minecraft‘s blocky world, so you’ll notice a number of creative liberties taken, including the square forms of the characters (poor little Maggie is reduced to nothing but a head!). It required the creation of several custom yellow skins, as well. But you’ll instantly recognize what’s taking place.

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