Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run

Zombies Run

Zombies, Run!

No one can deny that Kickstarter is a great place to discover all sorts of cool stuff, and what I came across today is simply more proof. Zombies, Run! is a video game project being developed in the UK by Six to Start and Naomi Alderman. It is an iOS and Android app that is all about, well, zombies!

With all the hype about zombies, I have heard of some people who simply have had enough of the undead. However, I do believe that there are still more who just can’t get enough of anything zombie-related. From movies to books to art to games – zombies have this special attraction that gets people of all ages hooked.

Now more about Zombies, Run! What makes it different from all the other zombie games out there? Well you know how the running fever is spreading all over the world? Zombies, Run! is the perfect mix for runners and zombie lovers. Even if you’re not a runner, you just might get converted to this fitness activity if you love zombies.

The point of the game is to get players to put on their fitness clothing – no special gear required – and hit the road, all the while playing a game where zombies are out to get you. It’s not all about running flat out, but it is also about avoiding zombies in the area, picking up medical kits and other supplies necessary for survival.

More than the fun, you also get to monitor vital details about your real-life run such as speed, distance, and calories burned. As the creators of the game say, Zombies, Run! is a story, game, and fitness app all in one nifty package.

Here’s where you come in. The app has not yet been fully developed. That’s why it is on Kickstarter – to get support from the community. As with all other Kickstarter projects, there are different levels of support that one can give, each with a corresponding perk. You can always go for the $1 level, but all that will get you in this case is being named a survivor in the game credits. Go higher and you’ll get more. Check out Zombies, Run! on Kickstarter and see if you like it.


  1. Caleb G. says

    I think they’ve missed the big picture of what an iphone gps-based zombie game could do . . . REAL PEOPLE interaction. that would make it amazing. 24/7 you have to worry about other players (who have been turned zombie) finding you. THAT would be the ultimate zombie game, and I would instantly upgrade to an iphone from my touch just to play such a game.

    Also among my fun real-time GPS game ideas: real-time “Downtown Pac-Man” . . . the game where YOU chase your friends around the streets of major cities, collecting cherries and other prizes. Pac-Man with a one-way street twist!

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