10 Reasons Why Angry Birds Is Not Just A Mobile Game Anymore

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Angry birds no more need an introduction. It is one of the most popular games being played today, be it on your mobiles, browsers or desktop. In this piece of writing you will get a brief explanation of this fantastic game. This game is centered on a handful of interesting character and the red bird is the main character. The player has to kick off the birds in a slingshot to knock off the pigs. In the later level and version of the game there are marmosets and macaw birds.

The red birds being the main character are the loveliest one. You will get three red birds in first level which you have to fling in the cardinal to break the wooden beam or the glass beam. Before leaving the sling you have to focus well on the target to get maximum scores. As you leave your first slingshot another red bird pops up and sit on it ready to be flung. Make sure that you target well and cross the level one with the given three red birds. Otherwise your game will be over in the first level only. Remember that the slingshot do not work on the stone planks. If your target is appropriate it may topple the wooden plank and create an opening to enter and bang off the pigs.

The blue birds mainly break the glass planks and you can split it into three smaller birds just by tapping on the screen. Next is the white bird, it is pretty more useful. This bird is comparatively bigger in size and when you tap on the screen it will drop an egg on the target. Next and the most destructive bird is the black bird, it is also termed as the bomber bird. It can plow through all structures and moreover is you detonate it, you can bring even bigger explosions.

Green bird and the cuckoo bird are good enough but do not serve much. Green bird is referred as the boomerang bird which can be shot both in forward as well as in reverse.The villains in the game are the pigs. Green pigs take just one shot to knock off but the Jumbo pigs takes 3 shots. The most difficult one to eradicate is the army pig. After each bang on hit you get a black eye and thus you get closer to the triumph. Along with the pigs there are some macaws and monkeys which are easily knocked off with a few hits.

After each stage you get three stars, though you can move forward even if you get one star. The game includes many more adventurous secrets and fun elements. The growing popularity of Angry Birds can be seen all around the world. Below are the ten best examples showing the popularity of Angry Birds and depicts that this great games is not just a mobile game but bigger than that :

1. Angry Birds iPhone Cases- These cases will make your iPhone absolutely chic, happening and stylish.

2. Angry bird necklace- This angry birdís jewelry collection is the first choice of the youngsters and will make your attire look cool.

3. Angry birds iPad cases- What else can be more interesting and stylish cover for your iPad other than these angry bird cases.

4. Angry bird key rings- Your bike or car keys with the angry birds keyrings hanging in your back pocket will attract everyoneís attention.

5. Angry birds masks- when you will wear these stunning angry birds masks in the costume party, you will certainly be the center of attraction in the whole party.

6. Angry bird school bag- Cool and stylish angry birds school bag will definitely make your little one feel happy.

7. Angry birds cake icing- this would be a wonderful surprise on your little ones birthday with the angry birds icing on his/her birthday cake.

8. Angry bird doll- This would be a lovely gift for a little one especially if he/she loves play angry birds online.

9. Angry birds speaker- Cool hip hop music coming out from the angry birds speaker will make your party more modish.

10. Angry birds earphones- This is the coolest angry bird accessory o have ever seen. This modish set of ear phones is exquisite.

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  1. Corfy says

    You forgot to mention my favorite, the yellow bird, which you can give an extra burst of speed mid-flight and is really good at knocking out wood planks.

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