20 Incredible Tributes to Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs was one of us. The ultimate anti-establishment rebel who became the establishment, yet refused to play by anyone else’s rules. A geek kid from California who dropped out of college, played with electronics in his garage, and over the course of his 56 years, changed the world forever. Jobs’ fans and admirers are paying tribute to him today in whatever ways they know how, and here are 20 of the best.

This is not a comprehensive list, so please don’t be offended if a great tribute has been left out. This is merely a compilation of moving tributes that have passed before my eyes.

Spontaneous memorials are popping up at Apple Stores all over the world. This is one of the best and most artful pictures of this I've seen.


Apple HQ honored its fallen founder by lowering its flags to half mast.


19-year-old Jonathan Mak poses with his silhouette design that's spread like wildfire across the Internet in the wake of Jobs' death.

[Source] [Mak’s original posting of the image can be found here. ForeverGeek’s own Jayvee Fernandez used Mak’s design to make a lovely, minimalist wallpaper that you can download here.]

There’s a video making the rounds called “The Crazy Ones” of Steve Jobs himself narrating a TV commercial about the people throughout history who have changed the world, such as Albert Einstein and John Lennon. It’s a great video, but as a tribute, I like this one which takes the same idea but uses the better-known narration (by what sounds like Richard Dreyfuss) but substitutes the original imagery with a timeline of Jobs’ life and successes. [Source]

A perfect symbol for the sentiments of many.


This artist used the Apple icon as a paint brush to create this striking portrait.


Popular blog BoingBoing.net created one of the most clever tributes to Jobs on the Web by temporarily altering their design to resemble an old school Mac.


Candles arranged on the sidewalk outside of Steve Jobs' home.


A stylized wallpaper for the faithful.


“In every generation there are great thinkers and people that have the vision of what can be and then have the energy, the skill, and the genius to make it happen. Steve Jobs is definitely one of those rare individuals, and the world’s gonna miss him a lot.”

- International Space Station Commander Mike Fossum, 10/6/11

[Source] [Thanks, Noemi!]

Steve Jobs was always a very quotable man, and this tribute uses his own words to create a portrait.


A cartoonish, "paper cut-out" tribute that pays homage to his work at both Apple and Pixar.


A nicely done "Sketch-A-Day" tribute.


A cool, Tron-esque 3D glass render.


This one's titled "There's One More Thing..."


Guy Kawasaki, former Apple Evangelist, was scheduled for an Internet-based speaking engagement to talk about Facebook marketing techniques. But ten minutes before the event began, he heard the news. Needing to reminisce about his old friend, he threw out his marketing speech and spent the next hour talking about Steve Jobs. The result is a raw, unfiltered, emotion-filled look back at Jobs from the perspective of someone who actually knew him. And it’s kinda beautiful. [Source]

"Stay hungry, stay foolish" is quickly becoming Jobs' best-known quote.


Strikes just the right tone of sadness.


I'd have been more surprised if there wasn't at least one good LEGO tribute.


A mosaic of Apple products makes up this image, based on how Jobs appeared in the last years of his life.


7 thoughts on “20 Incredible Tributes to Steve Jobs

  1. He was such an amazing man. Wether or not anyone notices it, Apple WILL suffer from the loss of him.

    Even though he had retired not too long before his death, I’m sure he would have still been quite influential to everything Apple related. He left Apple behind, but I don’t think Apple left HIM behind.

    I’m sure that at some point, Steve would have been consulting, or at least having a final word (or a good word at least) on some of the things Apple would be doing at the time.

    He’s done way too much for that company to completely leave it behind. I’d like to know what he had planned for the rest of his life. Or what he WOULD have planned if his disease wasn’t stripping his life away from beneath him.

    One of the most innovative people on this earth, one of our greatest visionaries, a man that loved to work, sure wouldn’t just STOP working on the things he loved just like THAT.. I feel like we would have seen some amazing things come from Steve Jobs in the future. It’s just too bad.

  2. What an amazing man! What an amazing journey! Wonder what he will come back as in his next birth. Maybe as the the guy who will make time travel (tele transportation) possibly real.

    My good wishes to those fortunate enough to have had the chance to associate with such an amazing visionary.

  3. A true “Crazy One” He improved this world with many wonderful technologies. The world will miss him and his brilliant innovations. I am an Apple fan and always will be. The company will go on. Jobs left a wonderful team behind to take up his legacy. I just hope that they always ask what would Steve think about this. These tributes where amazing. I personally liked the “Crazy Ones” tribute.

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