Awesome Fan-made Voltron Short Film

Voltron 470x197 Awesome Fan made Voltron Short Film

Voltron The End

For those who grew up watching Voltron, the prospect of a new Voltron movie is something that gets them going. Indeed, news about the new movie has been circulating for the better part of this year. While the new Voltron movie has been confirmed, nothing specific has been said about it. You know, like the important details such as the release date!

I guess some fans are getting impatient, and they are looking for ways to make themselves useful while waiting. If this fan-made Voltron video is anything to go by, then fans ought to be given a role in making the new film!

Called Voltron: The End, this short film was directed by Alex Albrecht1, and it has already gotten the attention of Voltron fans left and right. After watching the short film, one easily understands why. Even for someone who is not such a big Voltron fan, this short film got my interest.

There is no action in the film, but what you see is Lance, the guy who controls Red Lion. He seems to have survived a battle and is hurt. He communicates with the system, which is basically what happens in the film’s entirety. The interesting thing is how he realizes that he is the only one left of the team. Yup, unthinkable as it is, it seems that Voltron has failed.

I’ll let the film do the talking. It is very, very impressive.

I don’t know about you, but if the new Voltron movie is going to be based on this and have the same feel, I have no doubt that I will make a sacrifice, go out of the house and see the movie.

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  1. LOVE. IT. Took me a minute to realize that was the goofy guy from Psych. He usually plays up the laughs but it was cool to see him in a more dramatic, emotional role.

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