How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombies from The Walking Dead

Zombies from The Walking Dead

Do you know what would you do if a zombie apocalypse happened for real? ForeverGeek is here to help. Because becoming a meal for a ravaging flesh-eater isn’t fun for anybody.

Zombies are the new vampires. Hollywood just loves showing us what our lives will be like if and when a zombie outbreak occurs. We’ve got The Walking Dead — one of the biggest cable TV successes ever. Video game after video game keeps appearing on store shelves that charge you with staying alive while dispatching the undead. Even theaters are being overrun, the most prominent example coming late next year with the movie version of Max Brooks’ revered novel World War Z, directed by Marc Forster and starring Brad Pitt.

If a real zombie apocalypse should ever occur, society as we know it will no doubt break down overnight, leading to a state of pure, anarchic survivalism. Since preparing is always better than reacting, here are some crucial tips for making it through the end of the world.

1) Food

Still image from The Walking Dead

Foods high in protein will be the most useful since you’ll have to do lots of moving around, running from place to place, trying to find a safe place to hide. Don’t harp about those out-of-fashion carbs; running for your life is not the time to be worried about your waistline (regardless of all those beautiful, buff, tan survivors you see on TV). You’re going to need to always stay a step ahead if you plan on staying alive, so your body is going to need calories and lots of them.

2) Drink

Still image from The Walking Dead

Water is always essential to life, but a sports drink like Gatorade can put electrolytes back in your body after you’ve gone into shock from a long, bloody fight for your life. Sports drinks will be particularly helpful if you suffer any blood loss during the battle. Energy drinks like Red Bull may come in handy at times, but beware the crash that comes when they wear off — you can’t afford to be run down and off your game if an undead horde should attack without warning. Also, avoid alcohol whenever possible. Sure, you’re going to need to de-stress and have a little fun now and then in order to keep your sanity, but you simply can’t afford the mental and physical impairment that alcohol causes. You can be alert, or you can be dead. Your choice.

3) Weapons

Still image from The Walking Dead

If you want to kill a zombie and look cool doing it, you’re going to need something showy like a revolver, a shotgun, or best of all, a bow-and-arrow. (Nothing looks better than shooting a bow-and-arrow, because it requires action from both your hands and your entire upper body.) Blades are also very effective, and offer the added benefit of not requiring ammunition. Samurai swords will win you geek points (and potential love interests), particularly if you can wield them with precision. But you can’t get any more iconic than the classic chopping axe; neat freaks will love axes because nothing else removes a head from a body as cleanly. On the flip side, if you want the blood to splatter and gush, you won’t get better results than with a chainsaw.

How to Kill a Zombie
Standard zombie lore tells us that the brain is where all the action is; without it, even the undead can no longer function. So it seems to be the consensus that the most effective way to kill a zombie is to chop off its head, though a bullet to the brain will also work in most situations. If you want to live, don’t bother emptying rounds into anything below the neck. Fire is also an acceptable method of destroying a zombie, but it’s riskier because it takes longer to burn to death. So a wimpy little campfire ain’t gonna get it done. It’s got to be a full-on inferno that leaves nothing but ash.

4) First Aid

Still image from The Walking Dead

No matter how careful you are, you’re going to run into trouble. Accidents happen, but then so do zombies. So be sure to stock up on essential first aid supplies whenever you can. Bandages, stitches, and rubbing alcohol will be your chief concerns, but painkillers should be considered a priority as well. Expect plenty of injuries, possibly even lost appendages, anytime there’s a fight against a pack of zombies. (If someone in your party is bitten in the arm, for example, you can stop the spread of the zombie infection if you lop off the entire arm before it spreads to the body.) If a member of your family is diabetic or asthmatic or some other condition that requires ongoing medication, it goes without saying that running out of their needed meds is not an option. Those weapons mentioned above will come in handy in these situations, as you’ll likely have to steal what you need — possibly from other groups of survivors.

5) Tools & Supplies

Still image from The Walking Dead

We tend to think of “food and shelter” as our most basic human necessities, but if you really want to survive, you’re going to need more than Spam and a lean-to. Scavenging will become a way of life. Aside from the stuff listed above, some key items to look for include: extra clothes, blankets, towels, soap, batteries, knives, and any communication equipment you can find, such as walkie-talkies or a radio. (Don’t bother with phones. It’s a safe bet that cellular service will be down almost immediately after the apocalypse begins, since most carriers have a hard time keeping their networks running without monsters eating all the technicians.) Basically, if there’s something you use as part of your everyday life right now — but probably are so accustomed to it that you take it for granted — you’re going to want it when you’re roaming the earth, trying to stay hidden and alive.

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  1. Bryan says


    • Water ( 1 gal. For each person for each day)
    • Food (stock up on non-perishable items that you eat regularly)
    • Medications (this includes prescription and non-prescription meds)
    • Tools and Supplies (utility knife, duct tape, battery powered radio, etc.)
    • Sanitation and Hygiene (household bleach, soap, towels, etc.)
    • Clothing and Bedding (a change of clothes for each family member and blankets)
    • Important documents (copies of your driver’s license, passport, and birth certificate to name a few)
    • First Aid supplies (although you’re a goner if a zombie bites you, you can use these supplies to treat basic cuts and lacerations that you might get during a tornado or hurricane)

    In case of a survival situation you will need to move fast either stay and fight or flee you have about 3 days a week at max before the people in your area start freaking out and ganging up breaking in and looting

    So if you plan on staying you will need a mandatory 2 weeks of food and water. That’s 1500 cal. A day in food per person, eat up the non- canned goods first, and no less than 1 gal. A day, of water per person. Also some way of protecting yourself and the others in the group ie: guns with enough ammo to fight for 2 or more weeks i would say no less than 1000 rounds, knifes, spears, swords try to stay away from fire because you’ll burn your house down. You’ll also need medication ie: ace bandages , antibiotics, aspirin, antiflamatory, IV’s, and needle and thread, and also antibiotic ointment. And a medical book is a good idea if available.
    Supplies: flash lights, extra batteries, battery powered radio, duct tape nails hammers saws all hand held tools get them where you can use them. Now you have to fortify your dwelling board up all windows and doors to rooms you are not using throw some trash in the yard so it looks like its been looted fill up the bath tub and all other containers with water just as a back up you can never have to much water. Have extra bleach on hand to purify the water ( 1 tps per gallon ) turn off all lights that can be seen from the outside. And make your stand rotate watchout about every 3-4 hrs fresh eyes can focus more. Now clothing i would suggest dark pants and long sleeve shirt also dark in coloring. If they cant see you then they dont know your there. Also boots or high tops you dont need to brake your ankle. A change of socks every day or atleast 3 times a week. Without your feet you cant run or fight. And good luck!!!!!

    So you decided to flee? Where are you going? have a plan. I would suggest go to a royal place where there is little to no one ie: woods, mountains, island, desert, depends on what part of the world you are in. Do not take the main highways they are going to be backed up for miles on end. You’ll need a map look for off the trail roads less traveled. Take all canned goods extra gas spear tires ( yes more than one )as much food and water as you can find. Liters and firer starters, clothing enough for each season you never know what is going to happen on the open road protection anything that you can find but you going to need a gun for sure i would say no less than 200 rounds. Also a first aid kit a basic one will work. Dont stop for strangers and if there is road blocks go around never get out of the car. Once you get to where you are going refer to the list above…

    So you made it past the first wave ( 2-3 weeks ) now what?? You’ll have to keep surviving. Hopefully by now you have a secure place and maybe a small group of people. You’ll need to go scouting for food and other supply’s . your scouting team should be diverse max of 3 people in the group. You should have your person who knows medical the best the person who knows the area and then you. You should always go to make sure things that need to be gotten is got. you survived this long because you know what is going on and you have the knowhow. Limit yourself of being seen stay in the shadows. Get in and get out don’t go into the big stores chances are they have already been looted you have to think outside the box. Hit up the mom and pops stores pawn shops goodwill salvation army these stores have a lot of the stuff you’ll need to survive and your everyday people would not of thought about used stuff. But this is survival name brands don’t matter. Get everything that you can carry that can be used and move. Dont stay in one place to long and try to be quite if you must break a window do so to one that is in the back or on the side if possible. Make sure you get medicine all that you can carry, seeds, ammo, food, water, medical book ( now is a good time to grab one ) arrows bows, and candy bars ( not only because you can use them for instant energy but it a treat for staying alive and its something to keep the sprits up in the group ).

    List of guns and other survival gear

    • 22 cal. Long riffle ( you can carry a lot of ammo and its less weight)
    • 9mm ( almost every store carries these round it is the most common round made)
    • AR15 ( 30 round clip and very accurate and dependable )
    • 38 spc. ( highly known weapon good beginer gun anyone can shoot )
    • Goggles ( protect your eyes glasses will work but without your eyes you can not see )
    • 8 inch boots lace up ( good support)
    • Medical book ( tells you everything from what kind of pills are what to how to stitch up someone’s cut )
    • Knifes ( kabar 9 inch blade the longer the better )
    • Camel back ( holds 1 gal. Of water and you wear it like a back pack )
    • First aid kit
    • A box of MRE ( meals ready to eat a box is enough food for one person for 1 ½ weeks)
    • Iodine or bleach ( use to disinfect your water that you find 1 tbls. Per gal. )

    Good idea to have in a kit-ready-to-go

    • Lighter, metal match, waterproof matches, flint with built-in striker
    • Snare wire
    • Signaling mirror
    • Wrist compass
    • Fish and snare line
    • Fishhooks
    • Candle
    • Small hand lens
    • Oxytetracycline tablets (diarrhea or infection)
    • Water purification tablets
    • Solar blanket
    • Surgical blades
    • Butterfly sutures
    • Condoms for water storage
    • Lip balm
    • Needle and thread
    • Knife or multitool

    • Katy says

      BAHAHAHA!!! I saw that too!

      Anyway, I find this really interesting… because what if there really is a zombie apocolypse? O.o

      • says

        If there is a zombie apocalypse i have no worries all i’m not hoping for in a zombie apocalypse is the loss of family and friends (especially if i have to kill them) besides that I’m willing to shed some blood and survive no biggy.

  2. Emily says

    I’m pretty creeped out. I’m a bit out of shape right now and I don’t think I’d survive a real zombie attack.

  3. zombie angel says

    My own experience with zombies; I didn’t pay attention to zombie stories before. Almost a year ago an ex said as I was passing out that he was going to eat me. It didn’t hurt and left no sign except my toenails later fell off. The memory took a while to regain (I think it’s not supposed to at all). I have no interest in attacking. Rather, life’s become somewhat surreal, like a subtle blanket of magic has descended and the game is to watch the newbies’ reactions (that would be me). “Jell”, as they call it.
    When you’re not sure if the world is going to end, I suggest doing what I did. Forgive people, including yourself. Go to confession, to a healer, and do Tai Chi or other energy healing to feel spiritually clean because at first it’s heavy. Face your fears! Enjoy the company of friends and strangers and tell people you love them. Make mistakes! And when you do both these last things at the same time, refer to rule #1 ;-) Join social groups. Give symbolic gifts. Don’t drive yourself nuts trying to figure it out. When you need to learn something fast, hopefully it will come to you. Believe in the secrets to life itself. It’s a journey. Learn more about yourself than you knew, including your ability to change your environment for the better. Do not buy a gun, even if the Vice President himself tells you to, twice. Weapons can wind up hurting the ones you love. Ask for a new pope, a cure to aids, more public interest in The Bible show than the Walking dead, forgiveness for all, more love in the world… break bread. Pretend your thoughts have influence. Tap in to your inner magic- I’ve never felt so powerful. I did hyssop/herbal bath cleansings over a year ago and saw magical signs then- so maybe that’s what all this really is. But there seems to be more buzz about zombies…
    Think about things like, if you had a superpower, what would it be? (I would think being invisible would get old so ask for something Helpful). I said I’d want the ability to live my life in infinite ways and pick all the optimal interactions (without ever having to tediously review the options). But I’ve also been really working on the ability to heal. From Eric Pearl’s healing book, I often pray to ‘connect my strings and strands and to live on a higher frequency’ Prior to this I’ve ‘lost my life’ 3 times now to real problems and to the feeling that others wanted to hold me down. Don’t give up or get bitter; I won’t let myself think I am that vulnerable again. I have long believed that I have psychic abilities and that the living are fortunate to be incarnate. If asked to make a choice- see if ‘both’ is an option.
    Songs, commercials, Facebook, even movies seemed customized to entertain and educate me, After I had made a decision to try to do so myself more in life! It’s a Feeling- a state of being, and that’s enough. Evil is easy to get attention with. But Good, it isn’t boring. It is everywhere. Manifest it, celebrate it, share it. Don’t just ask God to help you; Thank God and ask what you can do for him. If you get the chance, Play! Push the envelope of your imagination. But live responsibly so no one gets too hurt. Believe in yourself and others. Imagine you create heaven wherever you are, even if you get the impression you are in hell. I imagined I felt the apocalypse begin and postponed it! And that I’m not the only one who thinks so. Since I feel immune to the curse, I think I’ll see if I can break another….
    Live life as if there are no time outs, no substitutions, the best players are cheaters, there are no rules, and you never really know if you are winning or losing. Appreciate life as if you have been chosen. p.s. You are.


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