Marvel and DC Superheroes BOTH Coming To LEGO

Official LEGO DC Comics Minifigures

LEGO Superheroes logo

Holy crackers! This coming January, LEGO is making one of its biggest product line launches ever: LEGO Superheroes. And the products making up this toy line? Both DC Comics and Marvel characters. How did I not know about this?

Official LEGO DC Comics Minifigures

The news was announced a few months ago at San Diego Comic-Con International, but somehow I missed it. I’m reeling in shock here, give me a minute… The DC characters are the ones that premiere in January. Marvel’s LEGO toys are being held off until summer, to coincide with The Avengers movie.

LEGO Wolverine Minifigure

It’s easy to see how this one-in-a-million convergence came about. LEGO already has a partnership with Warner Bros. for the Batman franchise, so expanding that to encompass other DC heroes is a no-brainer, considering how well the Batman sets have sold. As for Marvel, they’re owned by Disney now, and LEGO has an existing partnership with Disney as well.

LEGO Iron Man Minifiure

But it’s still mind boggling that these two universes are coming together in the form of the world’s greatest toy. DC has for years refused to do any crossovers with Marvel because of some kind of animosity from DC towards Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. So the very idea that both of these titans will be united under a single umbrella is just incredible.

Anyhoo, below are some of the first images of some of the Minifigs and sets coming with the LEGO Superheroes line.

But you know where my mind can’t help but go with this news… They already made a LEGO Batman video game. How long until we see LEGO Avengers or LEGO Justice League?

Photos courtesy of and Eurobricks. Hit both links for lots more images.


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