Realizations while creating this desktop wallpaper tribute

stevejobs apple 470x264 Realizations while creating this desktop wallpaper tribute

EDIT: The original image is traced back to the young Jonathan Mak.

I found an Apple logo with Steve’s silhouette serving as the bite mark. I don’t recall exactly where I found it, but I really wanted to turn it into a little tribute wallpaper. Problem was, the image was around 300 x 300 and really wouldn’t fit anything, even a mobile device.

I opened Keynote and created a new presentation with a black background. Pasted the image and it auto-aligned with the rulers. Added the text. It was that easy. Many years ago, creating something like this would have taken about 5 minutes if you were any good. It literally took me 15 seconds.

This made me realize Steve’s legacy of empowerment. Of making things easier. Of simplifying. And of making things beautiful.

If you want a 1920 x 1080 version, feel free to save this file.


  1. Here’s an iPhone version for those who can’t crop it themselves.

  2. Tasteful & brilliant………thank you!

    RIP Mr Jobs


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