Ascension: Return of the Fallen Expansion now on iOS

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Justin Gary of Gary Games — better known as one of the Magic Pro-Tour players who founded the highly addicting deck building game, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer. In this interview he hinted of an iOS version of the first expansion, Return of the Fallen due soon. And “soon” really meant before the holidays. For USD $2.99 you can upgrade your version of Ascension and buy RotF as an in-app purchase for USD $2.99.


Return of the Fallen introduces a new expansion deck which can be incorporated into the main game or played separately, albeit for 2 players only since there are fewer cards in this version. RotF is an exact replica of its deck building equivalent, sans the setup. For those unfamiliar, you can read the core mechanic in our initial preview. The new set adds the “Fate” concept where cards in the center row will behave according to the way the Fate instructions dictate. In this version you also have more abilities to play with, such as Arha Sensei, an Enlightened Hero that allows you to banish starter cards for Mystics of Heavy Infantry directly into your hand.

To buy the expansion all you need to do is upgrade your version of Ascension to its latest version, which adds the in-app purchase option. Apart from the expansion, the latest version adds support for online and offline play record keeping, player profiles (previously was lacking and a definite improvement!) and the ability to play the game using any config of Ascension, as a solo set or with mixed cards.

The new expansion also adds a new soundtrack and effects (some of the Creature kill FX are disturbing!), a new gallery for the expansion set cards, and a brand new refreshing title screen. Ascension has not however, added a third level of difficulty for the AI, something that iOS players will notice as being un-checkable in the options.

Ascension won’t make it to the Top List of iOS apps in the App Store but I well assure you that this game is epic. The additional USD $2.99 you’re going to spend + the initial USD $4.99 for the core set (that’s if you haven’t bought it yet) are so worth your money!

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