Fill Your Doctor Who Void With This Browser Game

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time

Doctor Who: Worlds In Time

We’ve got the Christmas Special to look forward to on the 25th, but other than that, the wait for new Doctor Who is going to be a long one (new eps aren’t scheduled to premiere until Fall of 2012). BBC Digital feels our pain and has supplied Doctor Who: Worlds In Time, a free, browser-based game, to help ease the wait.

Worlds In Time is a free-to-play multiplayer experience with a side-scrolling, cartoonish aesthetic. When you start up the game, you create your own avatar by choosing one of four races and loads of character customizations. From there, you’re free to roam and explore the universe of Doctor Who, including multiple worlds, characters, and alien races, with save-the-universe missions handed out by the Doctor himself that can be played solo or with friends.

You can visit worlds like Skaro, Messaline, The Library, and New New York, while the alien enemies you’ll fight include the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Weeping Angels. And that’s just for starters. BBC Digital is planning ongoing story arcs that change the status quo, and plenty of additional content along the way.

The game is in an open preview mode right now that’s open to all, but will formally launch early next year. “Chronon” Micro-transactions are available in-game to “enhance the experience” — aka, cheat your way to faster progress and quicker upgrades — but will not be required to play the game.

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