If Guy Ritchie Made an ‘Angry Birds’ Movie


Pure. Genius.

It’s the only way to describe this take on the proposed Angry Birds movie. Stylish, smart, action-packed, and funny… It’s got all the trimmings, and the kicker is, people really would go see this in theaters.

Angry Birds is a global phenomenon, and developer Rovio is attempting to get a big-screen movie made based on the franchise. But it’s not a properly that easily lends itself to the motion picture format. Are they trying to really flesh out the bird characters, to strive for a Pixar-level animated film? Or might they go in a wildly unexpected direction and create something live-action? Nobody’s saying. Maybe even Rovio doesn’t know yet.

The Quarter Bin has filmed a slick, stylish live-action trailer for a nonexistent Angry Birds movie, and it turns the entire concept into something that modern movie-goers would seriously dig. I don’t want to rob you of the moment when you realize what this fan-made trailer’s clever take on Angry Birds is. So I’m just going to embed it above, and then send you over to The Quarter Bin (after you watch the trailer!) to see some behind-the-scenes pictures from the shoot.

You’ve been warned: the above video is a teensy bit NSFW.

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