Punk Princesses Will Make You Look Twice

Books, TV series, and movies have traditionally portrayed princesses as dainty little things that need some protection and rescuing. Even those stories which show the stronger streak in women still somehow manage to depict princesses in the “sugar and spice and all things nice” manner. Of course, we have seen more recent illustrations of princesses – and women in general – that kick butt, and I didn’t really hear anyone complain.

Here’s another set of illustrations which show a whole different side to princesses. For sure, many will appreciate the edge that the illustrations give these gals, but somehow, I am not sure that their respective fathers (or father figures) will have a lot to smile about. Take a look at these punk princesses.

Punk Ariel

Punk Ariel 470x313 Punk Princesses Will Make You Look Twice

Punk Ariel

I’ve never denied how much I like The Little Mermaid, but somehow, this punk-ed up Ariel has something off. Maybe it’s because her hair seems to be the wrong shade of red.

Punk Cinderella

Punk Cinderella 470x313 Punk Princesses Will Make You Look Twice

Punk Cinderella

Cinderella was never my favorite princess, maybe because she liked shoes. I like her eyebrow tatts, though. Or are they supposed to be piercings?

CORRECTION: She is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Thanks to our lovely commenters for pointing this out!

Punk Esmeralda

Punk Esmeralda 470x279 Punk Princesses Will Make You Look Twice

Punk Esmeralda

Tatts and t-shirt take the cake. Esmeralda could very well be the best of the punk princesses.

CORRECTION: This one is Megara. Again, thanks to our readers!

Punk Pocahontas

Punk Pocahontas 470x244 Punk Princesses Will Make You Look Twice

Punk Pocahontas

If you like gazing at the blue corn moon, then Pocahontas is your choice. I never really fell for that movie, but looking at this illustration makes me consider watching it again.

Punk Mulan

Punk Mulan 470x265 Punk Princesses Will Make You Look Twice

Punk Mulan

I take back what I said about Esmeralda taking home the punk princesses cake. I don’t know what it is, but this is a wonderfully drawn image of a punk Mulan. It could be the eyeglasses!

So which of the punk princesses do you like best? Are they better than the originals or not? For more of these, check out Thaeger.

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  1. Nice

  2. The Cinderella is actually Belle from Beauty and the Beast, and the Esmerelda is actually Megara from Hercules.

  3. I was going to say the exact same thing Michelle said.
    LOL, epic fail Noemi!

  4. Noemi Twigg says:

    Ack. I stand corrected! *Shame*

  5. Nah, no worries. Nice article. Nice find.

  6. I <3 the pics but that princess is bell not cinderella

  7. actually, Belle from Beauty and the Beast has brown eyes, so I think thats supposed to be Cinderella with her hair down.

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